10 Best Selling Binoculars

Nikon Action VII (8x40) CF Binocular: This affordable pair of binoculars features 8x magnification and aspherical lenses to reduce image distortion. It is also compact and easy to use, meaning that you can take it almost anywhere you go.

Nikon Monarch ATB (8x42) Binocular: With great optics, the Nikon Monarch ATB is proof against water, fog and various other hazards a binocular meant for outdoors use might be exposed to. The easily adjusted eyecups make viewing just about anything a breeze!

Barska Optics Point 'n View AB10184 Binocular: This combination of camera and binoculars is perfect for the budding private eye! It comes with the plug and play ability to connect to a computer in order to upload its bounty of up to 65 minutes of video.

Olympus Outback RC I (8x21) Binocular: A compact, easy to use pair of binoculars, the 8x magnification of the Olympus Outback is more than adequate for use as an entry-level pair of binoculars, and the low price makes it ideal as a gift to a beginner.

Nikon Action Extreme (16x50) Binocular: The review says it all: “Pure Quality”. This 16x binocular delivers nothing short of the sharpest and clearest image under just about every circumstance in which it can be used.

Canon IS (10x30) Binocular: This lightweight and easy to use pair of binoculars comes with Image Stabilization technology, which ensures a steady picture even if your hands tremble. It also comes with a wide field of vision and sharp optics.

Celestron VistaPix (8x22) Binocular: The Celestron VistaPix is simply chock-full of features! Even without counting the built in digital camera, it even comes with an FM radio and earphones so you can listen while you watch. All this plus full binocular functionality!

Simmons Outdoor 8x42 Capture View 2.0 Binocular: This combination digital camera and binoculars features a function that is the first of its kind on the market – instant playback of the crystal-clear footage you shot! Great for sports fans.

Bushnell Trophy 23-1250 Binocular: These sturdy binoculars are built to endure the worst punishment! They’re waterproof, fog-proof, and protected by rubber armor against shocks and impacts. They’ll also give you impressive picture quality even in the worst of conditions.

Bushnell H20 13-2410 Binocular: An excellent buy for the novice connoisseur, the Bushnell H20 binoculars come with an array of features, such as waterproofing and no fog lenses. They’re also lightweight and easy to use, meaning you can take them with you on your journeys to exotic locales.

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