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Do you teach a science course for young children? Are your children interested in science and astronomy? Do you want to show them more about the wonders of space? Or teach them the basics of the sun, the moon, and the eight planets—and why Pluto is no longer a planet? Do your children have questions that you need answers for? Or do they just enjoy astronomy and so you want them to have as many opportunities as possible to learn and expand their minds? If so, you might want to look into finding an appropriate astronomy video. There are actually many, many different videos for children of all ages, and you can find the right video by searching for NOVA specials, other PBS specials, Discovery Channel specials, the Science channel specials, the Learning Channel specials, and thing released by NASA, the government, and various schools and museums. It actually is not very hard to find the right video, and you can probably find an entire collection that is suitable for viewing as children age or as they learn more and have more questions. There are also plenty of websites that feature streaming video, which will allow your children a chance to watch these videos online, in the comfort of their own home, with their own computer.

An astronomy clip is a perfectly valid learning too, though it might not be as comprehensive as an astronomy book, though there are many publishers that release books and videos together, so whoever is learning about astronomy can get the best of both worlds—if you’ll excuse the pun.

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