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Binocular Picks for Every Price Range

Bushnell H20 13-2410 Binocular ($28.99) The Bushnell H20 is an excellent entry-level pair of binoculars. Even at the low price of $28.99, it still manages to pack in waterproofing, a compact design, and excellent optics. In addition, it is light and ergonomic, perfect for bringing with you on the go. Virtually none of the customers who have purchased the Bushnell have had any complaints about it, and many of them were first timers who had no prior experience with using binoculars. You cannot go wrong by picking the Bushnell as a gift for somebody who wants to start a hobby like watching birds, or for use when you go on holiday and wish to see the sights in greater detail.

Nikon Action Extreme (16x50) Binocular ($173.47) This pair of binoculars is pricey, but incredibly powerful. As the review on the page says, the Nikon Action Extreme is “Pure Quality”, with virtually no flaws to speak of. The Action Extreme is of the Porro Prism type, and it features a powerful 16x magnification for picking out even the most insignificant details from the landscape, as well as a 50mm lens aperture to collect enough light to produce a brilliant, razor-sharp image. It particularly excels in portraying color.

Nikon Monarch ATB (8x42) Binocular ($241.99) Aptly named, the Monarch reigns as one of the kings of its price class. This pair of binoculars uses the roof-prism system, which makes it compact, but powerful. In addition, it possesses several ergonomic features, such as the eye cups, which are easily twisted to fit the face, and it is generally easy to focus and feels good in the hand. The optics are easily superior to those of binoculars costing over 4 to 5 times the price, and if that was not all, the Monarch is also proofed against, water, fog and resistant to shocks. It also weighs less, which allows for better portability when on the move.

Nikon Premier SE (8x32) Binocular ($499.90) Quite possibly one of the most expensive binoculars you might purchase, the Nikon Premier lives up to its name as one of the premier binocular choices for any user. First rate optics and a wide field of vision are a given, but what truly impresses about the Premier is the brightness of its image. During overcast conditions, this pair of binoculars will show you more of your target than the competition. About the only flaw in this pair of binoculars is that it may be difficult for some users to handle due to its porro prism design, but that is mainly a personal quirk. All in all, the Nikon Premier is worth its hefty price tag.

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