Brass Telescopes

Telescopes are instruments used to view long distances. Because of the way the glass lenses, or the mirrors, inside the telescope work, distant angles look sharper and brighter. Depending on the magnification, that can be ten times closer, twenty times closer, forty times closer, one hundred times closer, five hundred times closer, or even a thousand times closer. And as technology continues to develop, the magnification possible will only increase. That is very awesome news, but telescopes don’t have to be just instruments used for scientific inquiry, or in some cases, wildlife hunting. In fact, a telescope can be a piece of art. Brass telescopes resemble art because they are actually quite beautiful. They come in a variety of different sizes. Some are collapsible, some are not. Even though they look like they are designed works of art, they are still quite functional. Which means if you choose brass telescopes, you will not sacrificing functionality for beauty. That means the telescope you hang on the wall to tie a room together can be taken down and used to peer into the trees to bird watch, or peer heavenward to track the progress of stars, or to understand the moon’s rugged terrain.

Many different companies manufacture and distribute brass models, so they are not hard to find. A search through most telescope catalogues will reveal a section devoted to them, and there are also webstores dedicated to them. The real find would be the antique brass models, which are rare, but if they were properly cared for, are beautiful and still functional.

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