Celestron Telescopes

Celestron was founded in 1960 in Torrence, California, and has since become one of the country’s leading manufacturer, producer, and importer of telescopes and other optical products. Many serious amateur astronomers rely on Celestron for superior performance and consistency. They produce computerized and non-computerized telescopes, and they’ve received recognition from some of the top consumer, science, and astronomy magazines. They also sell their products worldwide, which means their name brand recognition is only growing, and the Celestron telescope is becoming more popular outside of its home country.  They offer twelve different categories of Celestron telescope, and each category as multiple selections at a variety of prices. For example, one of their most popular categories is the CGE Computerized series. There are five different sizes, beginning at 800 and ranging up to 1400. That means they are five different powers, and each power might be suitable, depending on the person using the telescope and what that person needs the telescope for. All of these telescopes are easily portable and stable, too, which is very important for any amateur astronomer who needs to travel in order to view the night sky.

Another type of Celestron telescope is the Astro Master Series. The Astro Master series of telescopes is appropriate for both terrestrial and celestial viewing. What does that mean for you? It means you can watch a flock of birds, or take your Celestron telescope to the beach, watch the whales during the day, and then study the moon and stars at night. Because of its dual purpose, it’s suitable for anybody who loves nature.  

Celestron telescopes are computerized telescopes that let you pin point specific objects in the sky with ease. They have programs installed that can find objects for you so they can take out all the difficult work that goes into star gazing. You would not think that using a telescope would be that difficult, and it is not if you are just looking at random objects in the sky, but if you are a beginner and you want to find specific objects, it can be very difficult and take out the fun in star gazing. A computerized telescope can be a lot of fun to use for you and your family and friends.

Celestron telescopes vary in design, size, power and price. If you travel often and want to bring your telescope with you, it is a good idea for you to look for smaller Celestron telescopes that are light weight and easy to store and transport. There are also several models available that you can use during the day and can also be used for star gazing at night. Celestron models can vary greatly in price depending on the power and the features. You should consider exactly what you want your telescope to be capable of before you purchase one, so you can make the right choice and buy the right model for you. There are many vendors that sell Celestron telescopes, and they are pretty easy to find. The Celestron website has a list of vendors that sell specific Celestron telescope models so you can easily find the model that works with your budget and your star gazing experience and needs.

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