Hubble Telescope Images

The Hubble space telescope has been sending back images of deep space for eighteen years, and with the servicing mission scheduled for October 2008, will continue to send back images for years to come. The images are undeniably priceless to scientists, who investigate the Hubble Telescope images to learn more about the universe, including the birth and death cycle of stars, the expansion of the universe, our nearest neighbors in terms of galaxies and planets, and other questions that occur to man as they stare up at the vast reaches of space. But Hubble images aren’t just useful for scientists. Many people are fascinated by the beautiful things that the telescope captures, giving everybody a glance at sections of space they can barely even imagine. Everybody, from school kids to their grandparents, can appreciate the amazing colors and sights of the natural world.

If you would like to see the most recent images from the Hubble Space Telescope, then you can visit the Hubble site. Not only does it offer recent images, as well as a huge catalogue from the eighteen years the telescope has been in orbit, it also offers an explanation of those images. It’s one thing to be impressed with the amazing colors, but it’s quite another to learn just what reactions cause those colors, and why we care about those things on earth. Hubble Space Telescope images provide fantastic learning opportunities for people of all ages, and the website dedicated to those images is full of fun and interesting information.

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