Kids Astronomy

Kids are fascinated by outer space, by the moon, by the eight (used to be nine) planets, by the endless stars, and all the unknown worlds beyond imagination and sight. One of the most popular professions to aspire to is “astronaut” and with good reason. Who wouldn’t love to travel out of the earth and into the stars? Who doesn’t want to see the earth from the moon? Who doesn’t want to be the first person to step on Mars’ red sand? If your child is fascinated by astronomy, then you definitely want to encourage that interest. Not only does it teach your child to dream big and make amazing goals, it also exposes them to physics, math, and some of the real mysteries of the universe. An early interest in astronomy can manifest itself in many ways later in life. Even if they don’t ultimately become an astronaut, they can still be inspired by space.

Kids astronomy ranges from basic stuff to more complicated ideas and theories. Many different organizations do everything they can to encourage scientific curiosity, including Science magazine, NASA, astronomy websites, and various museums. You can also seek out childrens astronomy in books, movies, magazines, and posters. Childrens astronomy can focus on learning about the various planets—for example, which planet has the most moons? What is the rings around Uranus and Saturn made up of? Why is Pluto no longer counted as a planet? All of that and more counts as astronomy for kids. Contact local educational places for more information.

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Astronomy is a branch of physics that is interested in learning more about outer space and the universe.

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