Meade Telescopes

Meade Instruments was a small company started in Irvine California by John Diebel, who began with a small mail-order telescope company. As his small company gained popularity, he began to branch out. Now, over thirty years later, Meade is one of the biggest importers and distributors of telescopes in the nation. But it’s not just limited to the Meade telescope. Meade instruments also specializes in binoculars, microscopes, spotting scopes, and GPS devices. Obviously, the thing that all of these products have in common is the use of lens or mirrors to magnify the view of something, whether close up or far away. It’s fair then to say that Meade Instruments knows what it is doing in the world of distributing the Meade telescope and other fine products. You can still order their goods through a mail-order catalogue, though like most of the world, they’ve established themselves on the Internet as well.

The Meade Telescope options even include a solar scope. A solar telescope is designed to allow a person to study the surface of the sun. Yes, that means that there is a telescope that allows you to stare directly the sun, despite the dangerous strength of its light. Previously, the technology to study the sun was too cost prohibitive for the amateur. That is all changing now, and Meade and Coronado are working hard to make studying, and experiencing, the sun a possibility for any amateur physicist or astronomer. These telescopes range in size and price, depending on the maker and the usage.

Telescopes catch the imagination of children and adults because telescopes are the only way to view distant worlds. They’re the only way to get a really good look at our own moon. Since recorded history, we have looked up to the stars, wondering where they came from, how they all fit together, where we came from, and what answers, if any, they hold for the random chaos that is our lives. This is a very deep instinct, one that is as old as civilization. Some of the earliest records of man indicate that they were using the stars calendars and as ways to predict the weather, crops, and major life events. Given this, it’s no wonder that there are many different companies dedicated to manufacturing, supplying, distributing, and selling telescopes and other optical devices that rely on telescope technology, like microscopes, binoculars, and rifle scopes.

Meade Instruments was founded in 1985 in Irvine, California, and has since grown to be one of the biggest telescope suppliers in the country. Not that the path is completely easy for Meade or for Meade Telescopes. They have been facing some financial problems in the past few years, especially since the original founder re-bought the company he had sold, put it back on its feet, and then sold it again. Now they’ve sold all their non-telescope brands, but Meade Telescopes and its brands hold on, remaining strong in the face of adversity.  If you are interested in Meade Telescopes, you should check out their webpage, their online store, their catalogue, or any one of their authorized vendors, and you can find out more information about the company and about the various telescopes they offer.

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