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NASA offers the NASA astronomy picture of the day on their website. This is a hugely popular page for several reasons. First, the pictures are truly amazing, awe inspiring, and breath taking. A glance at the stars every now and then will not reveal the mysteries that lurk in the deepest regions of space. Though the stars are beautiful to the naked eye, the real wonder of what is happening beyond our sight is almost beyond our comprehension. Almost. That’s the second reason why the NASA picture website is so popular. Not only do they provide an image, they also provide an explanation of what the person is looking at, why it matters, where it came from, and how it impacts scientists and their understanding of the universe and other astronomical phenomena.

Children in particular are likely to be fascinated by the daily NASA picture. A lot of children are totally awed by the various images of space because these images depict a reality so far removed from what they actually see when they stare up at the night sky. If you have a child who is interested in astronomy, encourage this interest by visiting the daily NASA picture and discussing what is posted, as well as the explanation, and what it all means.  A child will no doubt have a great deal of questions, but the NASA website has a great deal of answers, and that sort of curiosity should always be encouraged. You can even make a game of exploring the website and looking for new images, new facts, and new explanations.

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