Recent Astronomy Articles

If you want to find recent astronomy articles, your best bet is to begin looking for places that have regular information about science in general and astronomy and physics in particular. The NASA website provides a great deal of information, and there are magazines like Science, that will provide additional information. Not all recent articles will be available for free—for example you might have to pay a fee to access magazines because that’s how they make the money to continue to bring you these great articles, but the fee is usually nominal and worth the price.

The reason that you might want to find recent articles might vary. Some people are looking for more kid friendly articles and information that curious and bright children can understand. Other people are looking for information for themselves because they are interested in what the Hubble Space telescope has recently discovered, the ongoing debate about Pluto as a planet—and the mysterious Planet X—and what is happening as scientists search for new planets and new solar systems that could conceivably support life. Of course, this means that there are different types of articles for each audience. A kid friendly article might be more of a summary or a report on a much bigger and more complicated journal article on a recent discovery or scientific breakthrough. If you are a very interested or passionate amateur, you might want to look into getting access to scholarly and scientific journals. It would be worth the price.

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