Reflection Telescopes

Reflection telescopes are telescopes that use one curved mirror or several curved mirrors rather than lenses to make a magnified image of the night sky. Reflection models were invented in the 1600s because refractor telescopes would produce fuzzy and skewed images. There were a few different designs and prototypes for a reflective telescope, but many were not practical and useful. Sir Isaac Newton designed the first reflective telescope that could produce a clear image. Reflection scopes are good telescopes for amateur astronomers and they are also used in professional research in the field of astronomy.  The mirror, or mirrors, in a reflective telescope reflect light like parabolas into a focal point that displays the image through an eyepiece.  

Reflective telescopes vary in design, power, size, and price. You can find reflective telescopes that are small enough to be mounted on a tripod, and telescopes that are large enough to have their own base. The price of a reflective telescope depends on its size, features and quality. If you plan on using your telescope often, it is a good idea for you to find a reflective telescope that is durable and will produce a good clear image for you. Before you buy a reflection telescope, it is a good idea for you to look at a majority of the reflection models that are available so you can find a telescope that works with your budget as well as your needs. The power of a reflective telescope also depends on the type of eye piece, so it is a good idea for you to find a eye piece that will provide you with the power you want.

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