Sky and Telescope

Sky and Telescope is a monthly magazine designed for the amateur astronomer market. It covers everything that might be of interest to the amateur astronomer, including current events in astronomy and space exploration, current events in the amateur community, reviews of equipment, books, and movies, as well as articles about making homemade telescopes, and astronomy photography. Though they do have a Web presence, in order to get the full benefit of the magazine, including all the articles and images, you need to subscribe to the magazine. The benefits of subscribing to the magazine are plentiful, but you don’t necessarily have to subscribe to have access. Libraries and schools should subscribe to this publication as a matter of course, and if they do not, you can ask your librarian if a subscription is possible.

This publication is good for a variety of different people and interest levels. Even children can find something worthwhile in the magazine. Though it is not meant for a younger audience, the photographs, the special features that describe the current night sky, and the most recent articles and current events will appeal to bright and curious children. If you enjoy sitting outside with your telescope to monitor the night sky, then this magazine will also be of an interest to you.  Especially since it provides information about where to look. It also provides information about how to build your own telescope, that’ll match your own specifications. Though it may or may not be cheaper to build your own as opposed to buy one, it is fun, and something a number of people enjoy doing.

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