Star Astronomy

Star astronomy is the literal study of stars. Why would anybody want to study the stars? Who cares and why does it matter? Well, a number of people care and it matters a great deal. Learning more about the stars will help us learn more about our own solar system. It’ll also help us learn about the history and the future of the universe, and of course, the most important reason to answer any question is just to have an answer. It’s honestly amazing what scientists can learn from a mere picture of a star. The color surrounding the star will tell us how far away the star is, and can even tell a scientist how old a star is. Astronomers have learned how to look for information in direct and indirect ways when studying this type of astronomy, and that’s why we know so much about the universe, but at the same time, still have so much to learn.

Are you interested in astronomy? If so, you can become an amateur astronomer or star gazer, using telescopes to track and watch the stars. There’s plenty of literature in the world to help you begin this hobby, and you’ll find that the amateur star astronomers is actually quite a large community, full of like-minded people who will happily share information, stories, and facts.  This type of astronomy isn’t just a limited field for a few physicists at universities. It’s a field everybody who has a telescope and an interest can take part in.

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