Telescope Eyepieces

One of the most important accessories for any telescope are telescope eyepieces. If you have recently bought a new telescope, and you’re wondering what sort of eye piece to get, you’re not alone. It’s important because it affects the way you view the night sky and your relationship with the telescope and everything it’s pointed at. It’s also an important consideration, and a rather difficult one, because there are so many different designs. None of the eyepieces are any better than other eyepieces, but they do have distinct advantages that you might find to be more important than other considerations. So if you are looking for the right eyepiece for your telescope, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, there are many different types of eyepieces, including Huygenian, Ramsden, Kellner, Orthoscopic, Erfle, Plossl, Koenig, Nagler, and many others. They all have specific names and specific characteristics. Find out what those characteristics are, and if they fit your telescope and your needs. Second, be aware of what the magnification of a lens means. If something has a magnification of forty, that means that it appears forty times closer or forty times wider. Third, eye pieces come with different barrel diameters. There are a few common sizes these days, so you need to check to see just what size your telescope takes, because you don’t want to make the mistake of buying one that is too big or too small. That’s just the very beginning of the information you’ll want to research about eyepieces.

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