Telescope Mirror

There are many, many astronomers in the world, but there are very few giant telescopes. Telescopes are extremely expensive because of the lenses or the mirrors, depending on which one the telescope uses. Unfortunately, this is a real problem, because no school can or group or organization has the funding to pay for and use a giant telescope exclusively. This means that an astronomer’s research might be put off for months, or even years, before they have a chance to use the telescope. Fortunately, there has been a recent discovery that allows scientists to use a much cheaper sort of telescope mirror. Instead of a giant mirror being made from glass, these mirrors are made from liquid. That sounds like a bit of science fiction, but it isn’t fiction at all. It is very true. In fact, scientists have recently created and built a six meter giant telescope for just over one million dollars—and when you’re discussing the price of giant telescopes, that is definitely a good deal.

It is possible to make an astronomy mirror from liquid because of a happy accident of physics. If you take something like mercury and spin it very fast, it naturally forms the shape perfect for a telescope. Mercury works best for this process, and that is what the new telescopes are being made out of. If this telescope works well, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t, it could change the face of astronomy. More scientists will have more access to evidence.

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