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Barska 70060, 28 Power AnchorMaster

Barska 70060, 28 Power AnchorMaster Telescope AE10822
For all of you who have been mesmerized looking at the spectacular astronomy books, isn’t it time to buy your very own personal telescope to explore the skies above? The Barska 70060 AnchorMaster telescope comes in a beautiful brass finish and is a refractor type model. The handcrafted mahogany legs give it a classic look and this piece often finds its way into any collector’s home. The model has brass mounts that cradle the looking tube in such a manner that it becomes easy to turn around in any direction. The legs are also adjustable, so one can level the position according to convenience. The model is equipped with 45° erecting diagonal for correct image of land viewing. All in all, a great buy for both planet watching and cityscape viewing.

Product Features :
  • Refractor type
  • 45° erecting diagonal for correct image
  • Extendable legs
  • Handcrafted mahogany
  • Brass finish
Telescopes | Astronomy | Cosmos Telescopes | Astronomy | Cosmos