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Bushnell NorthStar Reflector

Bushnell NorthStar 525 x 3 inch Reflector Telescope
Gone are the days when you would have to turn up to the skies and wonder what lies up there. With the very affordable Bushnell Reflector telescope, you now get to unravel all the mysteries of our solar system. Perfect for amateur astronomers and hobbyists, this Bushnell model is completely automated and can be operated by a simple push button.   This remarkable telescope boasts of a unique RVO (Real Voice Output) technology that makes viewing the skies much more interactive and entertaining. Other notable features include unique meniscus-shaped front glass lens element, remote handheld control module, red dot LED finderscope and powerboosting Barlow lens. This incredible piece is sure to excite and brighten up your life whether you are a student or an astronomer.

Product Features :
  • Unique RVO technology
  • LED finderscope
  • Removable tripod stand
  • Remote control model
  • Barlow lens
Telescopes | Astronomy | Cosmos Telescopes | Astronomy | Cosmos