Founded in 1990, Carson Optical was a venture by Richard Cameron, a former banker who being disheartened, started importing and exporting a range of products between the US and Japan. Cameron named his company "Copitar USA" and soon with his efforts got good recognition. Renamed as "Carson Optical", the company grew out of its basement home and leased warehouse space in Huntington, New York. With expanding business, expanded the Binocular offerings and also branched out into related optical categories such as Magnifiers and Microscopes, and keep on adding new innovations.  Carson has grown to be a leading supplier of Binoculars, and the largest manufacturer of Magnifiers in the USA. The product line has also grown vertically to encompass a broad range of optical products and accessories. Today, Carson products are sold through a diverse retail network in tens of thousands of locations in the USA and abroad. Carson has become a leading supplier of truly innovative, high-quality consumer optics at extraordinary value with broad range of products in every category including recreation, sports, hobby, school, and craft, from high-end binoculars to low cost magnifiers and everything in between.

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Address: Carson Optical, Inc.
35 Gilpin Avenue
Hauppauge, NY 11788 Toll-Free: 1-800-9-OPTICS
Phone: 631-963-5000
Fax: 631-427-6749 Sales:
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Carson Optical SV350 SkyRunner
Carson SV-350 SkyRunner Refracting Telescope
  • Lightweight, refractor type Telescope, which is rugged, compact and easy to usee
  • Features 70mm objective lens with a 350mm focal length
  • The finder scope is 8x21mm
    Carson Optical GS 718 HawkEye
    Carson Optical GS718 HawkEye Monocular
  • Can help with club selection as you approach the green
  • Fully-coated lenses reduce glare and increase brightness
  • Adjustable eyepiece focus for ease of use
  • Compact and ultra-lightweight
    Carson Optical MTEL-50 Aim
    Carson Aim 20-80x50 Refractor Telescope
  • A trouble free and easy to operate- perfect for beginning observer
  • Power range of 20x-80x
  • Focal length of 350mm
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