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Carson Optical GS718 HawkEye

Carson Optical GS718 HawkEye Monocular
Looking for a pair of binoculars that are light, portable, adaptable to deliver reliable performance in any wet or dry conditions; then CARSON GS-718 binocular might be the best option. Comes with an excellent zooming capability with powerful 7X magnification that brings objects 7 times closer than the naked eyes can see. The large 18mm objective lenses gather more light, making a brighter image. Features high-quality optics with fully-coating to reduce glare and increase brightness.  At a mere 1.9 ounces, these versatile binoculars are suitable for backpacking, birding, sports events, stargazing, and pretty much any activity you might reasonably want binoculars for. It can help with club selection as you approach the green. It has an adjustable eyepiece focus for ease of use, yet by featuring such characteristics it’s quite compact and ultra-lightweight.

Product Features :
  • Can help with club selection as you approach the green
  • Adjustable eyepiece focus for ease of use
  • compact and ultra-lightweight
  • Distant scales in yards and meters to determine how far away your are from the pin
  • Helps on golf club selection
  • Fully coated lens to increase brightness and reduce glare
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