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Carson Aim 20-80x50 Refractor Telescope

Carson Aim 20-80x50 Refractor Telescope
An all for one telescopic guide is the Carson Aim 20-80x50 Refractor Telescope, truly a beginners model even for a young teen or lower. It’s a strong, trouble-free and easy to use telescope for novice learner. Can be favorite telescope for anyone with its striking features like absolute portability, light weight even priced reasonably. An apt model for traveling bird or beaver type watcher with its mini tri-pod and its component disassembly making. Comes with an adjustable table top tripod. You can carry it comfortably in its attractive sleek carry case which comes along with it. The telescope features a focal length of 350mm, a power range of 20x-80x and an adjustable table top tripod for steady viewing. One can buy it for personal use as well as a perfect gift.

Product features :
  • 2x barlow lens
  •  3 kellner eyepieces
  •  Adjustable Table-top tripod
  • Focal length 350 mm
  • Aperture 50mm
  • Magnification power 20-80x
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