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Celestron LCD Digital Microscope

Celestron LCD Digital Microscope
A truly breakthrough in microscope technology is the Celestron LCD Digital Microscope. Here a sleek LCD screen has replaced the traditional eyepieces to offer an easy and comfortable viewing and sharing the view at a time. Comes with a built-in digital camera for quick and easy snapshots or short videos and an optional SD card to store captured photos and clips or transfer them to your personal computer via included USB cable. This pioneering product combines advanced professional grade microscope features and an easy to use point and shoot camera.  Truly an ideal tool and mainly used for examining visually and/or taking photos of specimen slides such as yeasts, molds, cultures, fibers, bacteria, insects, and blood.  It can also be used for examining and photographing solid thin objects like stamps, coins, etc. with the lower powers but note that the lowest power possible is 40x and you may need a bright desk lamp also to light up the object properly in many cases.

Product Features :
  • Comes with high resolution 3.5” (88mm) LCD display for clear viewing of microscopic worlds by individuals and groups alike.
  • Three objective lenses provide 40x, 100x, and 400x optical magnification levels, combined with 4x digital zoom allows you to view objects at up to 1600 times their original size.
  • Top and bottom LED Illumination, brightness controls and a six position color filter wheel that lets you get a bright and clear view of your specimen in any lighting conditions.
  • Built in 2 Mega Pixel digital camera to take a vibrant, high resolution photo of what you see on the screen and even to record short videos of the microscopic action.
  • Built in vast 512 Mega Byte memory for storing pictures and clips.
  • 2 year warranty
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