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Meade 900X 08019 Microscope

Meade 900X 08019 Microscope
This entry level microscope is ideal for new entrants in the microscopic field, as it’s not only simple in terms of its functionality but also very affordable. It’s primarily designed for boundless fun of exploring the new world and educating young minds. It’s ideal for the kids, who are curious by nature and learn while playing. Its easy, user-friendly nature makes it popular among the beginners. It comes in an extremely durable case.  Its accessory kit includes 28 items like slides, tweezers, dyes and many other tools in a durable storage case. It includes magnifications of 100X, 400X and 900X, a built-in light for direct illumination, built-in eyepieces, rotating color filter wheel, reflecting mirror for natural illumination, dual spring clips for the slide holder, stage with clips, battery compartment for 2 AA-size batteries.

Product Features :
  • Easy functions
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Affordable price
  • Durable case
  • 28 items in accessory kit
Telescopes | Astronomy | Cosmos Telescopes | Astronomy | Cosmos