Meade 9460 Microscope

Meade 9460 Microscope
Meade has come with its striking microscope the Meade 9460. This microscope comes with a research-level assortment of equipment, components, and features. The working of the microscope can be easily introduced to its user with its five prepared slides, so now the user can show their creativity with the five blank slides starting from investigating plant life, minerals, cells, and anything and everything that tickles your interest. The large 110- by-120-millimeter illuminated stage has easy-to-use micrometric x-y controls for centering the specimen in the field of view. A comfortable and convenient observing angle of 45-degree can be easily attainable with the eyepiece which rotates 360. Meade uses an abbe-type condensing lens combined with an iris diaphragm to give bright, uniform illumination of the specimen. Its coarse-and- fine rack-and-pinion focusing mechanism makes this a accuracy observing tool, and a perfect educational tool for advanced studies in botany and biology.

Product Features :
  • Maximum magnification of 1,250x
  • 3 professional-size, turret-mounted objective lenses (10x, 40x, and 100x)
  • 2 wide-field eyepieces of 10x and 12.5x
  • Abbe-type condensing lens system and iris diaphragm
  • Slide set with 5 prepared slides and 5 blank slides
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