MINOX Germany became world famous through their once envisioned as a luxury item , but later got popular as so called “spy-camera” invented by Walter Zapp in 1936 a Baltic German. This camera was the world’s smallest camera and was used by all secret services in the cold war. The brand name MINOX stands for precision in mechanics and optics, German engineering and continuous innovation. Minox branched out into 110 format and 35mm cameras in 1976 and 1978, respectively.  The MINOX mission is to provide high-tech premium optics at a reasonable price point. Most of MINOX Binoculars and MINOX Spotting Scopes are waterproof and covered by a lifetime warranty. The MINOX HG line in 2006 was winner of “Field & Streams” “Best of the Best” award for the best new optical product.. Minox continues to operate today, producing or branding optical and photographic equipment.

Contact Info
Address: MINOX GmbH
Walter-Zapp-Str. 4
35578 Wetzlar Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 6441 / 917 0
Fax: +49 (0) 6441 / 917 612
E-Mail: info@minox.com
Website: http://www.minox.com
Minox APO HG 8x43 BR Binocular
Minox APO HG 8x43 BR Binocular
  • Extended view
  • Sharp image quality and natural color interpretation
  • Great quality
  • Superior technology
    Minox MD 62 Spotting Scope
    Minox MD 62 Spotting Scope
  • Great compact design
  • Superior quality
  • Accuracy of spotting objects
  • Lightweight
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