Newcon Optik NV207-G2

Newcon Optik NV207-G2 Monocular
NV207-G2 night vision monocular enables superior clear vision of the land even in the darkest night condition. The good news is this excellent matchless device fits perfectly into the budget of night vision enthusiast. Besides, its affordability, it’s also extremely light-weight and small in size. Its handy nature has made it popular overnight. The monocular mount enables left or right eye viewing, with a flip in between the eyes. For prolonged and flexible usage in the shooting field, this device has been further accessorized with two kinds of standard batteries. It comes with a large range of accessories which enable it to be used as a night vision video/camera, 3x magnifying night scope. Add-on lens head mount helps user to turn over the monocular from left to right eye or flip upright. In automatic mode it switches off whenever turned upright.

Product Features :
  • Light weight, small in size
  • Clear vision even in darkest night
  • Two kinds of standard batteries
  • Left or right eye viewing
  • Large range of accessories
  • Switches off when turned upright, in auto mode
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