Yukon Scout Spotting Scope

Yukon Scout Spotting Scope
Yukon Scout 20X50 Spotting Scope is a state-of-the-art, powerful spotting scope. It is especially perfect for the people who have a mobile lifestyle. Yukon has a special multi coat of magnesium fluoride, facilitating sharp images. Its durable, water resistant rubber shell is strong enough to endure rigorous usage. It suits both hand held and tripod use. Its inward retraction feature is truly unique, allowing the scope to reduce in size and perfectly fit into a traveler’s kit. Wide surface area of the 50mm objective lens facilitates vast amount of light gathering and producing high resolution in multiple lighting conditions. This compact spotting scope is a great possession, loaded with high-end features and uncompromising quality.
Product Features :
  • Multi coat of magnesium fluoride
  • Durable, water resistant covering
  • Retract inward
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