Yukon Sentinel Riflescope

Yukon Sentinel Riflescope
Featuring all the true characteristics of ‘Yukon’ comes the Yukon Sentinel Riflescope, a combination of traditional Yukon style perfect design, ergonomics, reliability and easy and convenient use with an enhanced level of functionality.  Durability and sturdiness being the threshold of this item, it comes with a high IPX4 grade of water-resistance and can be operated in extremely abrupt situations while functioning normally and without causing damage to the unit. It has got an extra tube protection, which adds further durability towards the axial load when used with the majority of popular calibers, including .300, .308 or similar. The Sentinel has two scales, a horizontal scale to measure the distance to a target and a vertical scale that facilitates adjustment when shooting at different distances. It is advisable to change the color of the reticle, depending on the surrounding conditions.  Red is best when used in clear viewing conditions, green is preferable for use when viewing is obscured and the color can be changed by the simple push of a button. .  The 2 AA batteries are placed in the battery compartment vertically, thus eliminating the influence of recoil on the stability of the energy supply. 

Product Features :
  • Built-in IR illuminator makes it possible to use the riflescope in utter darkness
  • The image focusing mechanism (from 2 m. up to infinity) with fixation of the focus ring knob at the mark “100m”, provides clear image at any distances (including short) within the riflescope's working range
  • Double function LED indicator: Green light-battery is full, Red-Low battery, the switching from green to red indicates of last half an hour life before the battery is completely empty.
  • Comes with remote control for quick start-up function.
  • Objective cap- A soft rubber cap is permanently fixed on the riflescope’s housing to secure it from being lost.
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