Top 10 Telescopes for Kids

Stargazing is a great hobby for kids to get in to. A one-off investment can lead to a whole new way for kids to spend time with their parents, become independent and learn more about the universe around them – the benefits certainly outweigh those of sitting at home playing video games! So, what to buy for your budding astronomer?

Never be afraid to ask around for recommendations. If four guys from different telescope shops all recommend the same model, chances are it’s a good piece of equipment. Internet forums can also make great places to dig up information and advice on what to buy to make your child’s first observations of the stars wonderful.

Konus Junior-4: Specially designed with kids in mind, the Junior-4 is light-weight, portable, and robust, yet still ideal for most forms of astronomy.

Bushnell 3-inch Reflector: An ideal starter scope, the Bushnell is spot-on for kids. It’s not too large as to be unwieldy, but it’s big enough to produce cracking, clear images.

Celestron ExploraScope 100: An itty-bitty lightweight scope, this little diamond is highly portable and a piece of cake to set up in just about any locale. Perfect for the family who aren’t sure if their child will stay with the hobby.

Meade ETX-80 AT TC with Autostar: This smart, computer-operated ‘go-to’ scope is for the serious child Copernicus. The Autostar software allows just about any celestial body to be located with ease.

Meade 114EQ-ASTR: This snappy equatorial-mount reflector telescope is an ideal first choice telescope – simple enough to be operated easily, but with a good set of features.

Bushnell Voyager Sky Tour 900mm x 4.5" Reflector Telescope 789945: A smart little reflector that includes built-in audio guidance.

Zhumell Eclipse 114 Reflector Telescope: An ideal scope for anyone who wants to start out looking at celestial bodies further away than the norm.

Celestron Nexstar 60GT 60mm Go-To Refractor Telescope: This little number is the lightest and cheapest of Celestron’s excellent Nexstar Go-To range. Easy to operate, it’s a great choice for the tech-headed child astronomer.

Meade DS-2080LNT 80mm/3.1" Achromatic Refracting Go To Telescope: Another Go-To scope, the Meade is somewhat heavier than the Nexstar but is still a viable alternative, particularly for older kids.

Tasco 100x50mm Refractor Telescope: This great little scope is again designed just for kids, and makes a brilliant entry-level buy. Powerful, easy to set up, and even easier to use.

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